"The Conductors" refers to a group of totalitarian rebels who went against the first established form of government in Europe after the Feral outbreak. They were an underground group that believed in total control of the state. Their wish came true in 2025 when they stage a revolt against the European government. They proceeded to slaughter any political figure in the continent with vicous intent. Soon enough, Europe was a totalitarian state similar to those of Hitler and Mussolini during the Second World War. 

Life under the "Conductors" was terrible and those survivors that lived in Europe in the years preceeding the revolution were walled in and could not leave the continent. Now that all of Europe was isolated, the dictators established labour camps around a number of drills ; thousands of workers were to spend all day drilling for oil in completely random areas and faced the constant threat of death by guard. The revolution caused by the "Conductors" also caused a considerable amount of destruction to the housing and infrastructure of Europe, causing many to live within the streets. 


Many homeless took to occupying the walls. The "Conductors" had walled in the continent.

Life for a homeless European survivor was extremely harsh. Food was scarce resulting in homeless peoples resorting to cannibalising the surrounding corpses as well as their own friends who had passed due to the conditions. Notwithstanding the eating of other human beings, those who occupied the streets also consumed the flesh of dead Ferals. This resulted in widespread sickness throughout the homeless population and by 2035 the homeless population dwindled to about 5% of the European population.

It was discovered through much scientific experimentation that the coagulated blood that remained in the Feral corpses affected the immune system and caused a minor form of rabies within those that consumed the flesh. This virus only infected the homeless that ate the Feral meat and many killed each other off in fits of rage. The homeless population that was not affected by this incident kept to themselves in fear of contamination and death. Nonetheless, they were forced to kill under extreme measures and many wanderers created their own makeshift weapons to battle their rabid homeless brethren. Survival was difficult but they maintained through means of scavenging and cannibalising the non-infected flesh laying abundant on the ground. Again, times were harsh under the reign of the "Conductors".