Enforcement SystemsEdit

Societal collapse has changed the aspect of law and its governance over citizens covered within those law-abiding frameworks. Naturally people would cling to what they understood, less likely to develop into a "Lord of the Flies" situation so quickly. With reasonable communication came reasonable laws that seamlessly developed into the framework of the newly developing societies.


Early Survival EthicsEdit

Perhaps centered around group leaders, but this could change from group to group. Teamwork and companionship became crucial during this time. Groups could remain small enough to scrounge for supplies and provided minimal defence at a number of 5-10. The group dynamic was fixed as the primary concept because people quickly realized that to go it alone was to die a sure death. Useful skills were rare at first, but soon became common-place. Members of the group were not thrown out for dramatic purposes (lean on the Walking Dead again and you forsake yourself......), instead tasks were willfully given and carried out as all knew survival was the goal. They knew there was no special pass that Capitalism allowed, and so they had to prove themselves to each other, forming bonds of unity, and eventually soldifying values that would form the most basic form of legal structure.

The Rebirth of HumanityEdit

Laws were a construct that many believed to be a key factor in oppressing or holding back of the majority of the population. With the freedom the Pandemic allowed, the new survivalist societies agreed upon several separate systems of "law" to recommend and uncommonly enforce specific protocols and principals of distinct communites. What is important to note here is that the majority of "laws" passed by our noble ancestors resulted in much more equal rights and definitions than was ever previous in the old world.

Many had feared a right-wing approach to method of dealing with the rebuilding of society. The issue for potential dictators was that they no longer possessed the willing manpower to perform their unintelligible acts of oppression. Those that survived were primarily of middle age, possessing more than a modicum of education to balance the charisma of any possible dictator. As the survival period ended and communities advanced, education was at the forefront of the rebirth of civilization. With highly educated populations, governments were formed with society in mind rather than selfish pursuits, and the laws developed were decidedly few and more enforcing of the communities' expectations. Laws no longer had the power to limit people as they once did, and this coincided with the change in the idea of individualism as was once previously known. Polite courtesy to strangers and neighbours became a matter of course, not enforced by uniformed men with guns, but by the scolding of one's entire community. The construct of law, regulation, and persecution changed drastically from what any had known before.   

Long TermEdit

Democracy shall return. Democracy is a intelligent civil societies government. It only is possible when there is peace and structure. Democracy is a system, which need an educated middle class which demands respect and knows how to rule. Society will be able to grow with those in power able to oversee the rule over their state and use laws to make sure everything is running smooth. At this point however there will be an emergence of many who do not like the laws in place for several reasons. Some may see a social divide and take a Marxist view of societies and argue how laws are made to exemplify the social divide. In Richard F Devlin's "Mapping Legal Theory" he takes a look at Artifactualism that is a theory in which laws are made with reference to the social values in which are in place for. It explains laws are a human construct and so just like human it can be flawed and so in need of change when it is deemed necessary. Artifactualism is a human system that is coercively enforced norms. In this long twem period I think Artifactualism shall play a big part in the legal system.


Trade shall be a big part in the system on Earth at this point, scavengers and bandits will be a problem in this time too. Laws in the cities now shall dictact the social norm in those cities and so those too shall differ from city to city however a general norm should be present in most cities. Societies shall follow a centristic legal system taking ideas both from the liberal left and conservatist right. Capitalism shall be the main monetary system present a shift from the short term system that was about survival, now at this point it is a point of social betterment. The government shall take a mixed government point of relation with citizen only getting involved when they are needed in disputes or to remedy issues.