This page serves to track the timeline of education and educating throughout the apocalypse. It will track its evolution from the beginning of the devastating scenario, all the way to the reconstruction of society and, eventually, the reestablishment of a newer, better school system. 

The OutbreakEdit

The outbreak is the when the disease/illness spreads and eventually becomes a worldwide pandemic. This entails the looting, riots and chaos that occur which eventually leads to the collapse of the western society.

  • If the outbreak is not local and it propagates slowly, the news that will cause a state of emergency will probably travel fast. People will be informed of the incident through the CRTC. To reach everyone, it will take over all channels. This broadcast should inform and educate the public on the outbreak.[1]
  • Emergency broadcast

    What the tv screen will look like during the outbreak

    Assuming schools aren’t open when the broadcast is deployed, schools will be shut down. If schools are open at the time of the broadcast with students present, the staff will evacuate the school depending on how bad the outbreak is at that time.[2]

After Collapse of CivilizationEdit

This timeframe consist of the day-to-day survival of groups/individuals after the death of civilization, after the destruction of the government.

  • A member of the group with skills and knowledge which the group cannot live without should teach the rest of the group, should anything happen to them.
  • Parents should prepare their children for the harsh reality of the world they now live in. In this preparation, they should teach them core values that will allow them to make hard decisions in little time. They should take the time to teach their child how to read, or if he/she already knows how to, then help them practice at appropriate times and locations. 
  • Trust is a key element in order for the group to function in day-to-day tasks and collaborate with each other. Time is taken to get to know each other during hours of leisure.

Rebuilding the CommunityEdit

After a period of time, groups will come together to construct a community in which they can collectively work together to achieve collective goals.

  • The people within the community will have to trust and collaborate with each other. They should establish common goal in order to understand each other’s motivations.
  • People will need to raid bookstores and libraries in order to learn how to do certain tasks that provide food, shelter and reasonable living conditions.
    Woodbury tv

    Woodbury from The Walking Dead (without the governor) as an example of a post-apocalyptic community

  • Individuals with profound knowledge in such tasks should instruct other how to complete them. This is the first real foundation that will lead to the construction of the school system .
  • When conflicts between rival factions/communities arise, the people must be prepared to defend themselves and each other. For that reason, fortification and defense will be prioritised once the community has a solid foundation.
  • A less complex and straight forward education system will be developed to allow children to learn and grow. The community will need volunteers with educating students and to keep it clean. Hopefully, some teachers/educators would have survived so they could reclaim their position. Due to the violent nature of other communities and the uncertainty of the outside world, proper education will allow students to participate in defending the community in some way (e.g. a person trains to be a doctor, he will learn how to treat battle wonds). 
  • Scavengers will regularly make trips within designated areas. Basic school supplies will be in demand whenever they make such trips. Things like text books, calculators, pens/pencils, desks will be asked to be retrieved (it’s hard to transport desks in dangerous environment so possibly just the materials). We might also acquire materials from traders and vendors from friendly neighboring communities.

The Utopia Edit

This is when the community is fully established, with suitable housing, a functioning government and a reasonable way of life.

  • A fully functioning school system has been developed to allow the future generation to understand their roles within the community as an individual.
  • The new generation is capable of learning from the mistakes of the past to ameliorate their situation of living.
  • People will begin to question the cause of the outbreak and with the tools available at their disposal; they will find a cause for the outbreak. With this knowledge, they will understand the necessary measures to prevent such things from happening again. 


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