Europe Under "The Conductors"

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Heroin was popular among "The Conductors" as well as the aristocrats living in Europe.

Under the totalitarian reign of the "Conductors", a black market was established. The dictators often traded firearms as well as ammunition and a mild portion of the oil that was found. In return, the corrupt leaders received alcohol that had been preserved in underground bunkers during the initial outbreak. They also bartered with these black market vendors for drugs. Popular among the rebels and the aristocrats residing in Europe were heroin, cocaine, and PCP. It is unknown as to how these drugs were produced or if they were preserved in similar ways to the alcohol. Although under an extremely repressive form of government, Europe was mostly self-sufficient. Europeans had access to timber and fresh water. Also, due to the Feral disease not infecting the oceans, coastal cities formed fisheries that supplied the majority of the continent.

Self-Sufficient IslandersEdit

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Fresh water streams were abundant on islands where people migrated.

It appeared that those who migrated to islands, Tasmania especially, taught themselves how to live off the land surrounding them. In Tasmania, migrants had access to fresh water, exotic fruits and vegetables, and, in some circumstances, living wildlife. In the areas that were seemingly unaffected by the virus, wildlife did not see much danger. Animals in North America, China, India, and Russia were hunted by both survivors as well as Ferals resulting in the decline in the animal population around the world. Nonetheless, those who decided to emmigrate to islands afar lived a self-sufficient life through adapting to their surroundings.